Cal Poly Share My Information

What Is This Tool?

Share My Information is a way for students to give parents, scholarship donors, and others access to their financial or academic information.

Detailed instructions on how to use this tool are available for both students and third parties in the User Guide.

How Does It Work?

Create an account or log in using a current account to access student records. Using your account information, you may view financial or academic information shared by a student or multiple students.

Access Code is Eliminated
An access code used to be generated in order for third parties to access reports. These codes have been eliminated to simplify the process. Simply login to access reports that have been shared with your account.

The Next Steps

Once you "Get Started," you will be asked to:

  1. Log in or create an account
  2. Select a report to view
  3. If you need help, check out the User Guide